5 Ways to Make Holiday Party Cleanup Easier

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The holidays are the biggest party season of the year. Whether you decide to host only a small gathering of friends and family or have a bigger event planned, holiday party cleanup is the dark side of your celebration. But you can make this cleanup easier by following some simple tips from Brenda’s Cleaning of Fort Worth, Texas. Of course, the best holiday party cleanup tip of all is to enlist the help of professionals. By hiring a maid service or individual house cleaners, you can forget about working “the day after.” Let the pros do the work for you and you can sleep in.

Plan Ahead

You can easily feel overwhelmed by holiday party cleanup if you do not have an action plan. This plan actually starts before your big event. The first step is to keep the party contained to a few rooms, instead of letting it take over your entire home or office. You can also involve your guests in cleanup by using decorations that are also take-home party favors. During the party, have staff on hand to gather dishware and garbage before they pile up.

Well-known celebrity event planner Colin Cowie claims having a plan is key to taking the headache out of holiday party cleanup. He recommends starting the process during the event without making guests feel uncomfortable, of course. He also recommends having staging areas for each type of item, such as plates and glasses, to make the cleanup more efficient.

Delegate As Much As Possible

Part of having a good holiday party cleanup plan is having people on hand to help you out, both during the event and after. Remember, it takes multiple people to have an actual party. So do not force yourself to take on the weight of everyone’s messes on your own. Doing so can make you feel overwhelmed. An excellent plan is having professional maid service or individual house cleaners scheduled in advance.

Start Cleaning During the Party

Most of your holiday party cleanup will take place after guests leave. But as mentioned briefly above, you should not hesitate to start cleaning while the party is still in full swing. For example, if guests leave a table to dance or socialize, it is the perfect opportunity to clear their dishes. Have helpers on hand to do this for you throughout the event to avoid having a bigger mess to face all at once.

Organize Your Cleanup Bins and Staging Areas

Having one big trash bin is not enough during holiday party cleanup. You probably have decorations to take down and possibly some items to donate or put into storage. You should ideally have wheeled bins on hand to collect each type of item, such as garbage, recyclables, items to donate and items to store. You may also have rental items to organize in staging areas, such as dishes, glassware, tables and chairs.

Get Professional Help

You can reduce your holiday party cleanup stress by enlisting the help of professionals. Maid service or individual house cleaners make the process so much easier. These helpers can pick up trash, wash dishes, pack up rented items and clean your facilities. They perform the work you are likely too tired to do well on your own after your big event. Just knowing they will come to help you with the cleaning can also enable you to relax more at your party and have a good time.

For your holiday party cleanup in Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Trophy Club, North Richland Hills or Fort Worth, call the professional cleaning experts of Brenda’s Cleaning. Our maid service and individual house cleaners are fully trained to do an excellent job. We are also licensed and insured with a lengthy history of client satisfaction. Call Brenda’s Cleaning today at 817-479-6590 for an estimate and scheduling.