6 Health Problems Prevented by Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Many people know that dirty carpet smells bad. Your whole home or office can seem stuffy because of the dirt and debris your carpeting holds onto. But did you know that you can actually prevent or relieve many health problems simply through routine professional carpet cleaning, such as by Brenda’s Cleaning of Fort Worth, Texas?

Below, we explore six of the most common health problems caused by dirty carpets. These are also problems preventable or made better through professional carpet cleaning.

1. Respiratory Ailments

Respiratory ailments occur more often when the air you breathe is not clean. Carpets hold onto a broad range of debris and contaminants, such as mold, dust, dirt, bacteria, pollen, pet hair, pet dander and old skin. When these contaminants fall onto your carpet, you even risk stirring them up into the air simply by walking across the floor. Vacuuming also pulls many of these irritants up into the air around you. When you breathe them in, you can expect to exasperate respiratory problems like the common cold, coughs or asthma.

2. Allergies

If you struggle with allergies, the mold and dust mites in your carpets can irritate your lungs. These contaminants also cause your nose to run and eyes to itch. Pollen brought into your home or office through foot traffic also gets trapped in the carpet fibers and makes seasonal allergies worse.

In fact, dirty carpets are where many indoor allergies begin. As an allergy sufferer, you can expect more frequent symptoms of your health problem like nasal drainage, sneezing and skin irritation. Vacuuming only stirs up these contaminants and makes you feel worse. To remove a significant percentage of these contaminants from your carpets, schedule routine professional carpet cleaning one to two times per year.

3. Skin Irritation

Did you know that you can suffer athlete’s foot as a result of dirty carpeting? You can also experience skin itchiness, rashes and eczema from the contaminants in your carpets. Dust mites are one of the biggest culprits in these health problems. But your vacuum cleaner cannot pick up tiny dust mites well hidden within carpet fibers. This is why you need routine professional carpet cleaning.

4. Weak Immune System

Your immune system keeps you healthy by fighting contaminants, germs and toxins 24 hours per day and seven days per week. But your immune system struggles when overworked, just like any other part of your body. In fact, your dirty carpeting can put too much stress on this critical system and decrease its power. To remove many of the toxins from your home or work environment that strain your immunity, vacuum frequently. You also need routine professional carpet cleaning to reduce health problems.

5. Digestive Tract Problems

Few people connect dirty carpeting to digestive tract health problems. But mold in damp carpet can cause severe irritation of the digestive tract, particularly your stomach. Dirty carpets containing mold can also lead to abdominal infection. Basement carpets are the worst offenders, when it comes to dirty carpeting-related digestive tract issues. You can even find salmonella pathogens in unkempt carpets.

Preventing mold in your carpets comes down to not allowing your floors to get wet. A professional carpet cleaning company will not oversaturate your carpets. They also ensure the carpets will dry within 24 hours, to prevent any mold growth.

6. Stress and Mental Health Problems

Dirty carpeting can cause stress and mental health problems, too. Mental health issues like depression are particularly common in people who suffer frequent illnesses like those listed above. If your carpeting is making you sick, it can also cause you to feel stressed, depressed or anxious. In turn, stress weakens your immune system and makes you more likely to suffer physical health problems. This is a cycle you can end through routine professional carpet cleaning.

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