7 House Cleaning Changes to Make Today

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Have you ever examined your house cleaning routine to find changes that can save you time and money? Most people actually make seven common mistakes when they do their chores, according to the residential cleaning company professionals at Brenda’s Cleaning. Whether you have a large suburban home in Trophy Club, North Richland Hills, Keller, Southlake or Colleyville, or live in a chic loft in Fort Worth, heeding these tips can improve your cleaning to-do list.

1. Clean Rooms in the Right Order

Did you know that there is a logical order to house cleaning? As most people realize, you should clean each room from top to bottom. This means starting with dusting those cobwebs from the ceiling and light fixtures. Then, organize the room and clean its surfaces, such as shelves, wall décor, tabletops and other furniture. Finally, sweep, mop or vacuum your floors.

However, if you want to spray room freshener for a freshly cleaned smell, you should do this before cleaning tabletops, counters and floors. The spray leaves a sticky film when it lands on these surfaces, according to your residential cleaning company experts.

2. Stop Diluting Cleaning Products

Many people dilute cleaning products to save money by adding a little water. However, doing so makes cleaning harder. You then need to use more solution to complete the job. In essence, the pros at your residential cleaning company say diluting makes house cleaning work more expensive.

3. Make Cleaning Your Window Screens a Priority

Texas is a dusty place to live. The dry climate around Fort Worth causes window screens to get very dirty. When rain passes through these dirty screens, it creates a muddy film on your windows. To keep your freshly cleaned windows looking good longer, you must brush and rinse your window screens at the same time. Of course, this is one of those dreaded house cleaning chores you can outsource to a residential cleaning company like Brenda’s Cleaning.

4. Avoid Scrubbing Spills on Your Carpet

Stained carpeting is one thing your residential cleaning company sees over and over in homes throughout the Fort Worth area. Brenda’s Cleaning urges you to carefully blot any spills instead of aggressively scrubbing them. When you scrub your carpet, you push the staining elements deep into the fibers. This makes it harder for the carpet cleaning crew to remove the stain.

5. Use Less House Cleaning Agents

“Less means more” definitely applies to house cleaning. Using too much detergent or cleaning product can harm your home’s surfaces. It also leaves residue behind that works much like a dirt magnet, trapping dust and debris. Always use the amount of house cleaning product recommended on the bottle. By doing so, you also save money while effectively getting the job done.

6. Use Magic Erasers Properly

Magic erasers provide miraculous results on some surfaces, earning their “magic” name. You can use them to remove scuffs, stains and marks from walls when house cleaning. You can also use them on sneakers, tile, countertops and grout. However, using them on stainless steel and glass can dull these delicate surfaces. Follow the product’s label and test a small hidden area before using magic erasers on any surface.

7. Hire a Residential Cleaning Company to Do Your Dreaded House Cleaning

Few homeowners or renters actually enjoy house cleaning work. But your insured professionals at Brenda’s Cleaning certainly do! Instead of spending your free time doing these dreaded chores, call upon your Fort Worth area residential cleaning company. We provide a full range of services including window, tile and carpet cleaning. Call Brenda’s Cleaning today at 817-479-6590 for a free quote and scheduling.