Colleyville Residential Carpet Cleaning for the Holidays and How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

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Many Colleyville homeowners search for “Residential Carpet Cleaning Colleyville” during the fall in an effort to schedule residential carpet cleaning for the holidays. After all, you want your home and carpets looking their best when you have guests. During this unusual 2020 holiday season, when most people are not having company because of Covid-19, it is still a great time to clean your carpets for close family gatherings.

Keeping your carpet clean can help your whole family stay healthy and breathe easier, while also keeping your home looking great.

10 Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean after Residential Carpet Cleaning in Colleyville

Everyone enjoys having freshly cleaned carpets. You can noticeably breathe easier just after this important service. It is great to prolong that sense of clean for as long as possible. So how can you keep your floors clean and everyone in your home breathing fresher air after residential carpet cleaning?

If you live in Colleyville and need residential carpeting cleaning services, below are some tips from Brenda’s Cleaning for maintaining your freshly cleaned carpets.

1. Avoid Walking on Freshly Cleaned Carpet Too Soon

After your Brenda’s Cleaning team finishes providing your residential carpet cleaning, try to avoid walking on the floors too soon. Definitely stay off of them for two to four hours while they dry. Damp carpets are more prone to set-in dirt stains. Walking on your freshly cleaned floors also crushes the fibers of your fluffed-up carpets. Doing so extends drying time and creates noticeable traffic patterns.

2. Turn Up Your Heat

Whether you live in Bedford, Hurst or Colleyville, having your residential carpet cleaning done in the winter is great. When it is cooler outside, you can turn up your heater after the service is done. The warm, dry air from your heater decreases how long it takes for the carpeting to dry. Ideally, set your thermostat to 75 degrees Fahrenheit to promote moisture absorption and quicken drying time.

3. Let the Fresh Air In

If it is still too warm outside to crank up your heater to 75F, turn off your central air or heat and open the windows, instead. Doing so reduces the humidity level inside your home and promotes faster drying of your carpets. At the same time, you get to breathe the crisp fall air we all enjoy before the holidays.

4. Turn on Your Fans

Many Colleyville and surrounding DFW area homes have ceiling fans or floor fans. If you have these and can comfortably use them this time of year, turn them on to help with carpet drying time.

5. Avoid Moving Furnishings Back Into Place

While it is tempting to put your home back together as soon as your carpet cleaners leave, you should wait to do so. Avoid putting your furnishings on the carpet until it has completely dried. This typically takes 24 hours or longer. When you are ready to move the furniture onto your dry and freshly cleaned carpets, first vacuum to remove any residue or debris and fluff the fibers.

6. Use Carpet Protectant

To keep your carpets looking great for the holidays, apply a carpet protectant. Scotchgard is a well-known brand of protectant that repels liquids and blocks stains to keep your floors looking freshly cleaned for longer. This spray is fairly economical and easy to apply, particularly considering it extends your time before the next residential carpet cleaning Colleyville.

7. Clean Up Spills Quickly

Carpet stains set in if you do not clean up spills quickly. To keep your carpeting looking fresh longer, clean as these accidents happen. Have some carpet spot cleaner on hand for little emergencies like these. Always remember to blot the spot with a paper towel or white cloth. Never rub or scrub because this sets in the stains and makes them more visible.

8. Vacuum More Often

Vacuum your carpets about 24 hours after your residential carpet cleaning Colleyville. Then do so at least once a week to prevent and remove up to 75 percent of your carpet stains. But do this chore slowly instead of trying to quickly get through it. Allow the vacuum to do its work to keep your carpets looking fresh longer. This also extends the lifetime of your carpet.

9. Use More Floor Mats

When you plan to have guests in your home, place floor mats at the outside of your front door and one inside this door, too. If you can encourage guests to take their shoes off, doing so certainly reduces the amount of dirt and debris tracked onto your floors.

10. Periodically Rotate Your Furniture

Heavy furnishings and the feet of furniture damage your carpets. These objects crush the fibers in specific areas and create permanent wear patterns. People walking on your floors also create wear, eventually forming traffic patterns of distinctly soiled pathways. To avoid these problems, rotate your furniture every few months. Doing so will encourage more balanced carpet wear and prolong the lifetime of this big investment.

Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning in Colleyville for Your Holiday Season

Whether you choose to have guests this 2020 holiday season or not, schedule your annual residential carpet cleaning in Colleyville now. Brenda’s Cleaning is currently scheduling appointments for well into the holidays and beyond. Some of our customers prefer cleaning their carpets before the major holidays. Others wait until foot traffic in their home lightens in January. Whichever you prefer, today is perfect for choosing your time and date by scheduling your carpet cleaning online or calling Brenda’s Cleaning in Keller, Texas at (817)479-6590.