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Things move fast around Southlake & Colleyville! And while your family is moving at “the speed of life”, your home can get really cluttered very quickly unless you’re careful. In real terms, kids, pets and family-life in general means that you will absolutely find yourself needing to clean daily! A service like Brenda’s Cleaning: is great at helping you dive-deep and get things really clean with regularly scheduled service. This helps you eliminate germs and bacteria, especially during a global pandemic. Even so, we can all use a little more structured daily cleaning programs.

As a professional cleaning company serving Southlake, Colleyville and the surrounding areas, Brenda’s Cleaning has a few solid tips about the things you should try and clean daily.

Clean Daily: Kitchen Countertops

The first place you could clean daily is the kitchen countertops. They are the most used and abused surfaces in your home and they attract dirt & germs easily. Since your kitchen counters get so much use, it’s easy for them to harbor microscopic organisms that could be harmful to your family. Use a clean sponge and a food-safe cleaner to quickly get rid of grime and other contaminants.

Add The Kitchen Table To Clean Daily List

For most families, the kitchen table is the place that has probably hosted thousands of family dinners and impromptu family meetings. So, it’s possible for food debris to get left behind where it can grow bacteria, mold, and a host of other things. This should be the second place you clean daily. Depending on the type of table you own, use these simple cleaning instructions as a guideline:

Glass – A new or disinfected sponge, can be used with warm water and baking powder to work wonders on a glass surface. A commercial glass cleaning solution can also be used, just make sure it’s food safe.

Metal – You can use the glass table cleaning instructions on a metal table as well. Just make sure to avoid using anything abrasive so you don’t cause any damage to the surface.

Wood – Use warm water and a clean sponge or microfiber cloth to wipe down your dining table. This should be done after every meal. Obviously, remove any excess dampness with a clean towel to avoid watermarks and damage.

Clean Daily: Kitchen Sponges

Sponges are essential for wiping, absorbing, and eliminating spills on all hard surfaces. But since they see so much action, they should be cleaned daily and replaced weekly. Thoroughly rinse kitchen sponges every day with some water and detergent. Even better, replace kitchen sponges each week.

Brenda's helps you achieve your clean daily chores


Hey, we have all left dishes in the sink overnight. Even though we have all done it, it isn’t something you want to make a habit of. Old food and a damp environment are the perfect ingredients for a bacteria playground. Not surprisingly, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) says that kitchen sinks were reported to have the highest concentration of bacteria in an entire home. Naturally, the best way to clean your dishes frequently, safely, and easily is to rinse them immediately after eating and putting them in the dishwasher.

Bathroom Counters

Bathroom counters can harbor even nastier germs than your kitchen counter because of the nature of the room. Many of these germs and bacteria could be detrimental to your health. If your bathroom countertops are left untouched, you might expect to find bacteria like E. coli, streptococcus, and salmonella. Studies have suggested that a bathroom countertop contains up to 452 bacteria per square inch. If you prefer a natural solution to clean your counter tops, mix a cup of hot water and a cup of white vinegar. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and clean until you’re satisfied with the results.

Computer Keyboard: A Must Clean Daily

Over the last few years of the pandemic, computer keyboards have seen lots more action. This means they need to get moved to the “clean daily” category. You can imagine the number of germs sitting on top of your keyboard right now. Research has suggested that the average computer keyboard contains 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. You can rid your home of that headache by using isopropyl alcohol or an electronic-safe cleaning product to give your keyboard a thorough wipe-down.

Remote Controls

First, if you can find your remotes after the kids have “misplaced” it, you should clean it daily. Many hands and fingers handle every inch this item each day. Your best bet to clean it is with a little rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. This will sanitize your remote quickly and easily.

Phone Screen Also Clean Daily

Does anything get more use each day than your cell phone? Probably not. We are, on average, touching our phones dozens to hundreds of times each day, which gives bacteria plenty of time to take up residence. Just like cleaning a remote control, mobile phones can be safely disinfected using an alcohol wipe to kill bacteria and keep them from spreading.


Let’s begin with the fact that we keep them in the bathroom. Next add the fact that we put them in our mouths. Is it any surprise that this item should be cleaned? Your toothbrush can be thoroughly and easily cleaned letting the bristles soak in a small cup of hydrogen peroxide for up to 15 minutes; allowing it to sit any longer might damage the bristles. Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with warm water before use.

Thank You

We hope these tips prove helpful for you to target those items & areas you should clean daily. When it comes to deeper, more thorough cleaning, you and your family can trust the professionals at Brenda’s Cleaning to help you keep your home clean and safe! Call us today to get a free estimate at 817-479-6590.